Are you at the risk of Asbestosis?

In many cases where an individual was working with asbestos related materials in their career, they have received a diagnosis of an asbestos related cancer. Symptoms usually start to develop after 20 years from exposure. The material asbestos was in many forms and was a well known additive for its durability and flame resistance. Many manufactures before the 1980’s were using asbestos in building materials and products. There are also many individuals today experiencing exposure to asbestos. Just think about all the buildings being demolished for reconstruction, many asbestos materials are in the ceiling tiles, floor tiles, walls and piping. An unfortunate event to bring up is the 9/11 attack in New York, but it has left miles of asbestos dust particles all over the city.

Time for a check up with your primary care doctor

It is highly recommended to see your primary care doctor if you are receiving symptoms that may be affecting your daily life. Symptoms such as high blood pressure, difficulty swallowing, swelling in your face or neck, shortness of breath and/or an unusually sound of crackling when you breath. These symptoms may present to be another disease but only a medical specialist can confirm exactly what the issue is. Your primary care doctor will refer you out to a specialist to run further tests. Medical treatments for this disease can become a major

If you or a family member have been diagnosed with an asbestos related cancer or mesothelioma, you can speak with a legal team now for a free, confidential case evaluation. You can learn more at and you will be aligned with leading asbestos exposure attorneys to pursue compensation for your losses.