Protecting the Lungs from Dangerous Carcinogens

The lungs are organs for breathing and maintaining the health of your lung is very important. The lungs are responsible for receiving oxygen from our atmosphere’s air and circulating the air throughout our body. Multiple air tubes are reproducing the air breathed in and when we exhale the lungs produce carbon dioxide when we exhale and that is released back into our atmosphere. We release carbon dioxide because our lungs take in the good source needed to breathe and then releases the excess waste of cellular respiration. Maintaining a lot of carbon dioxide in the blood will cause a health condition called acidosis, which will lower our blood’s pH level.

The lungs are always in danger of health disease from the dusts we breathe. The lungs do offer another defense mechanism that will protect us by blocking or removing dust particles from the respiratory system. For an example how the lung will protect us during our lifetime is a person that is a coal miner may breathe in hundreds of grams of dust into his lungs throughout his career. When a doctor will produce a biopsy or research conducted to examine the body after a miner death, they find they will locate at about 5 percent of the dust that was inhaled. This research has proven that our lungs have a great source of how they filter and protect the lungs in general. Even though excessive inhalation of dust may result in a terrible disease such as asbestos cancer, especially in workers who have a career in mining certain minerals. There are many known dangerous carcinogens that affect the lungs more than others, but it is alway recommended to wear the proper respiratory apparatus to assist in protecting your lungs.