The Latest Medical Technologies

The modern technological achievements in our society really impress especially the medical ones. The health care technologies including biotechnology, information one and others are improving all the time. As the result they are the influential and helpful tools in the diagnostic and treatment processes.

Holographic images, 3D bio printing, advancements in prosthetics, nanobots in blood, remote patient monitoring are considered to be one of the greatest medical innovations. The original of information is borrowed here.

Holographic images

This technology is developed for surgeons as it helps to inspect vital organs using 3D displays. The latest renovation of this device took place last year.To be sure this is the significant step forward in the medical innovative technologies as there is no more necessity to cut into a patient’s body to see his anatomy. 2D digital scans can make it without the surgery.

3D Bioprinting

At first glance 3d Printing may seem not a very fresh idea that’s because this technology is widely used in consumer sector for some time already. But the thing is, designing of printing functional human tissue. Organovo research company has already reached success by the production of the exVive3D human liver tissue. Besides this company is experienced in printing  hearing aids and prosthetics.

Prosthetic achievements

Many people can move fully again due to artificial limbs. The discovering of bionics is fascinating indeed allowing enabled amputees to control their prosthetic limbs with their brains. The mechanism secret is that these prothetic limbs are plugged into their severed nerve endings.

Another great advancement of this industry is artificial skin that can feel everything. One more Stanford University scientists’ project is concentrated on sensitive artificial skin.

Nanobots in blood

Without any doubt, nanobots still should be the research objects which demand additional experiments and improving. The impossibility of inserting them into the body and leaving to their own devices is known but this problem may be solved by using the bodily fluids in order to guide the technologies where it is necessary.

Nanobots in blood will be definitely irreplaceable in the near future.

The different types of nanobots are developing now including Microbivore, Respirocyte, Clottocyte, and Cellular repair nanobots the main tasks of which are killing bacteria, carrying Oxygen, healing the wounds and reconstruction of cells.

Remote patient monitoring

There is a large variety of monitoring programs which make the remote patient monitoring by a professional possible. A specialist can influence on a treatment plan and the whole process. Nowadays this innovation is available for such procedures as checking vital signs, weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate etc.